Mooring Rope Of 20m Long

Introduction of 8mm x20m tie rope:

The 8mm tie rope we refer to is not the standard rope for outdoor advertising balloons, it is high-strength composite rope (outdoor rope, extra accessories) with a diameter of 8mm and a length of 20m used on the bottom hook to the ball.

Before the products are packed into the box, a tie of 4mm-5mm diameter ropes on the advertising balloon has been installed, which is our standard ropes tie.

Why do we have 2 specifications : 8mm x 15m length and 8mm x 20m length? After we have repeatedly practiced outdoor advertising balloons for a long time, the altitude of the outdoor airship is generally 15-20m. In this range, the field of vision is the best, and the tension of the 8mm diameter high-strength composite tie rope is also the most suitable. (Too thick rope is not necessary, it causes heavy weight and high freight cost)

The 8mm diameter high-strength composite rope has a wide range of applications: advertising balloons, advertising airships, outdoor inflatable tents, inflatable arch,  inflatable bouncers and slides.