Halogen Lighting System With Osram Lamps

Europea & American Standard Plugs


Introduction to halogen lighting system:

The complete halogen lighting system consists of metal hooks, lamp holders (2pcs or 4pcs), 2m2/2.5 m2 wires, international standard plugs, imported OSRAM or Philips (2pcsx 1000W or 4pcsx 1000W) bulbs. The plug can be replaced according to different countries.

Halogen lighting system is suitable for large advertising balloons ≥3 meters in diameter, large inflatable cartoons and other products. Because of its high brightness, imported OSRAM lamps 2000W-4000W, it can also display advertising texts for advertising balloons and large inflatable cartoons, a wide range of lighting applications. The radiation range is very wide. (Please wear gloves for the service life of halogen lamps)