K-0096 High 12 Meters Giant Advertising Inflatable Balloon

High 12m Hot Air Balloon Shaped PVC Tarpaulin Advertising Inflatable

The 12m giant advertising inflatable is destined to attract everyone’s attention. This giant exaggeration is very shocking and often gives a strong visual impact. It is even more impressive to add trademarks and advertising slogans to the inflatable body. Invisibly embed the benefits of advertising into the hearts of the people, giant inflatable products can also create a rich atmosphere in the event.

This hot air balloon-shaped advertising inflatable balloon has a height of 12m and a diameter of 9.7m. It is white overall and has a black base. Because the customer puts this giant advertising inflatable balloon on the outdoor roof, it is 0.5mm thick. Quality PVC tarpaulin material production (or 0.30mm thick mesh cloth), this PVC tarpaulin material has high tear strength, is very durable, and has the characteristics of flame retardant, waterproof and dirt resistant. In the front and back of the giant advertising inflatable balloon, an English advertising banner printed in 1080dpi HD digital and an advertising banner in Arabic are hung. The entire advertising inflatable balloon requires a 1500W external blower to support (110V 50/60Hz and 220V 50/60Hz blowers are available in different countries). The customer’s 12m hot air balloon shaped advertising inflatable balloon is very eye-catching on the outdoor roof, which will attract a large number of potential customers.

We can customize a variety of styles and sizes of giant advertising inflatable according to the different needs of customers, they are very suitable for / Commercial Promotion / Commercial Center / City Gathering / Festival Celebration / etc.

Product Overview

Place of Origin: Suzhou, China

Product Name: Hot Air Balloon Shaped Advertising Inflatable

Packing Size: 115x80x80cm

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

Nearest Port: Shanghai, China

Brand Name: EVERRICH Art-Balloon

Material: PVC Tarpaulin or Nylon Materials

Productivity: 500~600pcs/month

Lead Time: 10~15 days

Supply Type: OEM Service

Item No.: K-0096

Product Size: 12m High, other customized

Min. Order: 1pc

Shipping Way: By express, by air, by sea

K-0096 High 10 Meters Giant Advertising Inflatable Shaped Balloon

K-0096 High 4.5 Meters Giant Advertising Inflatable

K-0096 High 4.5 Meters Giant Advertising Inflatable Details

Other Products About Advertising Inflatable

Colors of PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

Colors of Composite Nylon Fabric

Product Name: High 12m Hot Air Balloon Shaped PVC Tarpaulin Advertising Inflatable
Product Type: Giant advertising inflatable, Inflatable shapes
Color/Size: 12m High or according to your requests customized, 1440dpi Digital printing

The giant advertising inflatable balloon is most suitable when the wind is ≤3 and the wind speed is ≤3.4-5.4m/s.

Application: Promotion,Exhibition,Birthday party,Urban gatherings, Festival celebrations, Large-scale performances, Concerts, Circus, Etc.
Accessory: Blower, Rope and Repair kits. 
Optional Items: Φ8mm x 15m and Φ8mm x 20m 2 kinds mooring rope, and Halogen lighting system, LED Lighting system, RGB Lighting system
Packing: Package the giant advertising inflatable balloon into PVC tarpaulin bags 

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