P-0055 Giant 5 Meters Singapore Merlion Helium Parade Balloon and Vanda Miss Joaquim Parade Balloon

Giant 5 Meters Singapore Merlion Helium Parade Balloon for Singapore’s National Day Decorate

The parade balloons frequently appeared in various large-scale festivals to promote the event and create a rich festive atmosphere.

Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon designed and produced the iconic inflatable balloon products such as the Merlion Balloons, the Orchid Flower Parade Balloons and the Durian Xenon Parade Balloons for the Singapore National Day.

The “Merlion” is Singapore’s urban image landmark. Now it has become the representative of Singapore. Through this concept, we design it as a parade balloon. The size of the Merlion balloon is 5m high and the whole body is 0.2mm thick. The high-quality PVC material is produced in white, which is digitally printed on the shadows of the lion’s head, hair and fish scales. One inflatable air duct and one inflatable valve are installed at the bottom of the balloon. A total of 10 rope pulls were installed to facilitate the staff to hold in the parade.

“Hu Jihua” is the national flower of Singapore. In 1893, it was named Zhuo Jin Bandai Lan. It has the meaning of immortality and excellence. There are 4 petals in the orchid symbolizing the four famous celebrities in Singapore. Our designers have integrated these into the design concept of the Huaqihua Xenqi Touring Street balloon. The height of the balloon is 5m, the thickness is 1.5m, and the high quality PVC material with 0.2mm thickness is used. Production, the overall pink petals and yellow flower core are all digitally printed, 12 rope pull buckles are installed at the bottom of the balloon for fixing, and 5 Xenon street balloons are designed and completed for a total of 18 days. It took 2 days to check the airtightness of the balloon and ensure the successful use of the street balloon in Singapore National Day.

Outdoor Xenon Street Balloons are ideal for festivals/large sporting events/city gatherings/exhibitions and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Product Overview

Place of Origin: Suzhou, China

Product Name: Giant 5 Meters Singapore Merlion Helium Parade Balloon

Packing Size: 65x50x50cm

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

Nearest Port: Shanghai, China

Brand Name: EVERRICH Art-Balloon

Material: PVC Materials

Productivity: 500~600pcs/month

Lead Time: 10~15 days

Supply Type: OEM Service

Item No.: P-0055

Product Size: 5m, other customized

Min. Order: 1pc

Shipping Way: By express, by air, by sea

P-0054 Giant 5 Meters Singapore Vanda Miss Joaquim Parade Balloon

P-0052 Giant 5 Meters Durian Helium Parade Balloon

P-0053 Giant 5 Meters Crab Helium Parade Balloon

P-0057 Giant 5 Meters Parrot Helium Parade Balloon

Pantone Code Corresponding to PVC Fabric Colors

Product Name: Giant 5 Meters Singapore Merlion Helium Parade Balloon for Singapore’s National Day Decorate
Product Type: Giant helium parade balloon, Giant advertising balloon
Color/Size: 5m or according to your requests customized, 1440dpi Digital printing

The giant merlion helium parade balloon is most suitable when the wind is ≤3 and the wind speed is ≤3.4-5.4m/s.

Application: Promotion,Exhibition,Birthday party,Urban gatherings, Festival celebrations, Large-scale performances, Concerts, Etc.
Accessory: Hooks, Rope and repair kits. 
Optional Items: Φ8mm x 15m and Φ8mm x 20m 2 kinds mooring rope, and LED Lighting system, RGB Lighting system
Packing: Package the merlion helium parade balloon into oxford cloth handbag in carton

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