Disney customized WOODY balloon for sale and promotion of new film "Toy Story 4"

Customized Mascot Advertising Balloons for Disney Events

1. Product Description of the Mascot Advertising Balloons:

Disney authorized Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon Advertising Co., Ltd. to design and produce 4 mascot advertising balloons, namely BUZZ balloon, WOODY balloon, BO PEEP balloon, and FORKY balloon. These mascot advertising balloons are created based on the classic characters BUZZ Lightyear, WOODY, BO PEEP, and FORKY in Disney’s “Toy Story 4.” Of course, they were customized for the promotion and sale of new films for Toy Story 4. These 4 mascot advertising balloons are very interesting, cartoon style, and can freely change the color of the sphere according to the rhythm of the music. The staff can also manually control it, but the effective distance is within 30 meters. You can use these mascot advertising balloons to decorate the event.

Mascot advertising balloons are a type of advertising inflatable. They are one of the more popular publicity methods. You can learn many cases about advertising inflatable from the Olympic opening ceremony, the famous Thanksgiving parade in the United States, and Disneyland. We can customize advertising inflatables of various shapes and sizes according to customer requirements. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We provide 24-hour consultation and service!

Product Overview

Place of Origin: Suzhou, China (Mainland)

Product Name: Customized Mascot Advertising Balloons

Packing Size: 32x20x38cm

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

Nearest Port: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: EVERRICH Art-Balloon

Material: High-quality PVC fabric

Productivity: 700~800pcs/month

Lead Time: 7~10 days

Supply Type: OEM Service

Item No.: Q-1090

Product Size: Φ5.25ft, other customized

Min. Order: 1pc

Shipping Way: By express, by air, by sea

2. Product Features of the Mascot Advertising Balloons:

a.) The size of these 4 mascot advertising balloons is Φ5.25ft. They are made of high-quality PVC fabric, and there are two ways to use them: 1. Hang them fixed in the event hall as decoration props at the event site; 2. The mascot advertising balloons are installed on the special metal brackets we provide (you can learn all kinds of information about metal brackets from sales representatives). They are movable inflatable decorative props, which can be placed at any position, such as: event entrance, Indoor or outdoor use;

b.) 【Reliable material】: High-quality PVC fabric is used to produce it in strict accordance with standards. Φ5.25ft mascot advertising balloon has good UV resistance and air tightness, preventing problems such as fading caused by direct exposure to the sun and easy leakage of helium;

c.) 【Size customization】: The size of the mascot advertising balloon is Φ5.25ft, we can customize various sizes according to your needs, such as: Φ5.25ft, Φ6.56ft, Φ8.2ft or even larger;

d.)【Color customization】: We can design mascot advertising balloons according to your requirements and Pantone color number;

e.)【Lighting purchase】: You can choose to add a lighting system for them, which will enhance your activity effect; (can choose LED lighting system, RGB LED lighting system)

f.)【Speedy delivery】: We do our best to meet customers’ shopping needs, and ensure that the production of mascot advertising balloons is completed within 7-10 working days;

j.) 【Quality Assurance】: Mascot advertising balloons are produced strictly in accordance with 3D renderings and 24 hours of quality inspection, and photos or videos will be confirmed to customers before delivery is completed;

Q-1090 Customized Mascot Advertising Balloons for Disney Events

Disney customized BO PEEP balloon for sale and promotion of new film "Toy Story 4"

Disney customized BUZZ balloon for sale and promotion of new film "Toy Story 4"

Disney customized FORKY balloon for sale and promotion of new film "Toy Story 4"

3.Material and packaging of mascot advertising balloon:

Material: high-quality PVC fabric;

Thickness: 0.18mm or 0.28mm thickness

Fabric Color: Custom

Trademark imprint: high-precision digital printing

Size: Φ5.25ft

Accessories: Repair kit

Packaging: Nylon cloth bag packed in carton


1. The mascot advertising balloons avoids encountering sharp objects, even knives or scissors and everything that can hurt it;

2. Choose the most suitable for use in outdoor environments with wind ≤ 3 and wind speed ≤ 3.4-5.4m / s;

3. When installing the mascot advertising balloon, please make sure that the inflatable tube is tightly fastened and fixed to prevent the ball from leaking;

4. Keep it clean after wiping to ensure that the mascot advertising balloon is used again;

Pantone Code Corresponding to PVC Fabric Colors

Colors of Composite Nylon Fabric

Product Name: Customized mascot advertising balloons for Disney events
Product Type: Advertising inflatables, Advertising balloons
Color/Size: Φ5.25ft or according to your requests customized, 1440dpi Digital printing

The advertising balloons is most suitable when the wind is ≤3 and the wind speed is ≤3.4-5.4m/s.

Application: Olympic Opening Ceremony, Thanksgiving Parade in the United States, Disneyland, Etc.
Accessory: Hooks, Rope and repair kits.     
Optional Items: LED Lighting system, RGB Lighting system
Packing: Inner packing: Advertising inflatable in Oxford cloth handbag;
Out packing: Oxford cloth handbag in carton;

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2.Products including more than 200 kinds of advertising inflatables and advertising balloons

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