T-0041 3D Design for 4-Legs Advertising Inflatable Tent

Custom 4-Leg Advertising Inflatable Tent for Brand Promotion and Sales

1. Product description of 4-leg advertising inflatable tent:

The 4-leg advertising inflatable tent, one of the advertising inflatable products, is a combination of architecture and aesthetics. 4-leg advertising inflatable tent adopts a dome structure design as a whole, which is beautiful and stylish. The most important thing is that 4-leg advertising inflatable tent is a pragmatist. Trademarks and advertisements can be printed on the tarpaulin and legs arround the inflatable tent. In addition, Different sizes of inflatable tents can be customized according to customers’ requirements for brand promotion and sales.

The 4-leg advertising inflatable tent is lightweight and durable, and easy to disassemble. It can be installed with 4 curtains around it. It is like a movable inflatable studio, which is very suitable for Brand Promotion / Business Promotion / New Store Opening / Festival Celebration/ Party / Large-scale Performance and Various Occasions, Etc.

Product Overview

Place of Origin: Suzhou, China (Mainland)

Product Name: Custom 4-Leg Advertising Inflatable Tent

Packing Size: 70x55x55cm

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

Nearest Port: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: EVERRICH Art-Balloon

Material: PVC Tarpaulin & High-strength composite Nylon

Productivity: 45~50pcs/month

Lead Time: 5~7 days

Supply Type: OEM Service

Item No.: T-0041

Product Size: (L)5mx(W)5mx(H)4m, other customized

Min. Order: 1pc

Shipping Way: By express, by air, by sea

2. Product features of 4-leg advertising inflatable tent:
a) Reliable material — using flame retardant and waterproof PVC tarpaulin in strict accordance with European and American standards. This material has good UV resistance and tear resistance to ensure the safety and reliability of the product;

b) Customized size — In the project case, the sizes of the 4-leg advertising tent is (L) 5m x (W) 5m x (H) 4m. Customers can ask for various sizes according to their needs, such as: (L) 6m x (W) 6m x ( H) 4.5m, (L) 8m x (W) 8m x (H) 5m or more;

c) Color customization — In the project case, the 4-leg advertising inflatable tents all use high-definition digital printing technology. The awning cloth around the top of the tent and the 4 legs are printed with the Nissan automobile logo and advertising slogans. Customers can customize your design as needed, just send us the AI ​​or PDF file;

d) Fast delivery — we do our best to meet customers’ shopping needs, and ensure that product delivery is completed within 5-7 working days;

e) Quick installation — (L) 5m x (W) 5m x (H) 4m 4-leg advertising inflatable tent with a net weight of 30Kgs and an external inflatable blower with a net weight of 8Kgs. Generally 1-2 workers can operate the installation. It only takes 5-10 minutes from unpacking the tent to installation;

f) Reusing — Flame retardant and waterproof PVC tarpaulin is very easy to wipe clean. You can use some cleaning agent to treat the dusts and stains on the surface of the 4-leg advertising inflatable tent. Wipe it clean and store it properly after drying for the next use.

T-0041 Custom 4-Legs Advertising Inflatable Tents for Brand Promotion and Sales

T-0041 Custom 5x5x4m 4-Legs Advertising Inflatable Tent

T-0041 4-Legs Advertising Inflatable Tent with NISSAN logo ads

T-0041 4-Legs Advertising Inflatable Tent Inside Details

3, Materials and packaging of 4-leg advertising inflatable tent :
Material: PVC tarpaulin fabric or high-strength composite nylon fabric

Thickness: 0.3mm-0.45mm PVC tarpaulin

Fabric Color: Customized

Trademark imprint: high-precision digital printing

Size: (L) 5m x (W) 5m x (H) 4m

Matching: 1pc 110V / 240V, 50-60Hz external inflatable blower (CE or UL certification)

Packaging: tarpaulin bag into carton

Accessories: Repair kit

Colors of PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

Colors of Composite Nylon Fabric

1. 4-leg advertising inflatable tents need to avoid sharp objects, knives or scissors and everything sharp can damage it;

2. When using a 4-leg advertising inflatable tent, do not turn off the power , the external inflatable blower must be continuously working;

3. When installing the advertising inflatable tent, please ensure that each fixing point is firm and reliable;

4. Keep it clean so that the inflatable tent can be used again;

Product Name: Custom 4-Leg Advertising Inflatable Tent for Brand Promotion and Sales
Product Type: Advertising inflatable tents, Dome inflatable tents
Color/Size: (L)5m x (W)5m x (H)4m or according to your requests customized, 1440dpi Digital printing

The 4-Leg advertising inflatable tent is most suitable when the wind is ≤3 and the wind speed is ≤3.4-5.4m/s.

Application: Brand Promotion, Business Promotion, New Store Opening, Festival Celebration, Party, Large-scale Performance and Various Occasions, Etc.
Accessory: 1pc Inflatable blower and repair kits.      
Optional Items: LED Lighting system, RGB+W LED Lighting system
Packing: Inner packing: advertising inflatable tent in PVC tarpaulin handbag;
Out packing: PVC tarpaulin handbag in carton;

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