Comparison of finished 19.68ft advertising blimps and renderings

Our goal is to make every customer a pleasant shopping experience and comparison. When customers envision purchasing Inflatable Balloons 丨 Advertising Blimps, or even if they have ideas to become our overseas agents. We allow customers to dispel various doubts, and at the same time, let more people understand the use of Inflatable Balloons 丨 Advertising Blimps products, and its product quality and service of Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon Brand.

The 19.68ft advertising blimp is a low-altitude tethered advertising propaganda carrier. It has a plump of shapes and adopts a new 3D streamlined design. The advertising blimp is one of the Advertising Inflatables 丨 Inflatable Balloons. Its purpose is for brand promotion and sales. There are huge “QUARTIER DES CONFLUENTS” brand advertisements and slogans on the two sides of the 19.68-foot advertising airship hull, which are very eye-catching over the event. Let the target customers have a deep impression on the brand and products, promote people’s shopping desire, and greatly help sales and brand promotion.

Outdoor advertising blimps are mainly customized. We can customize different sizes of advertising blimps according to customer requirements, as well as custom brand advertisements and slogans for your events and sales. It is ideal for large-scale exhibitions, brand promotions, business promotions, new store openings, festivals, parties, large-scale performances and various event occasions.

Order process of Inflatable Balloons 丨 Advertising Blimps:

[Imagine and Concept]-[Quote and Discussion]-[Design of Project]-[Production and Delivery]-[After-sales Service]

1. [Imagination and Concept]: Determine the purpose of the advertising blimp you want to build (for branding and sales or holiday celebrations and decoration), conceive the use of the advertising blimp (helium or cold air), and its size and choice of fabrics;

2. [Quotation and discussion]: Discuss what the envisaged plan can be achieved, and we will give you professional suggestions and product quotations;

3. [Design of the project]: Approve your quotation to proceed, we will start your design;

4. [Production and Delivery]: The project manager will arrange the production and manufacture. The 19.68ft advertising blimp will become a reality in our most advanced equipment. Each advertising blimp will go through a 24-hour quality inspection. We provide door-to-door service for your products. We will confirm you with photos or videos before delivery until it is sent to you;

5. [After-sales service]: We will arrange an after-sales manager to ask you about the use of the 19.68ft advertising blimp and your satisfaction with our Inflatable balloons 丨 Advertising blimps, you are most welcome to put forward your valuable opinions to help Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon brand do better.

We promise: We can’t make the 19.68ft advertising blimp 100% perfect, because of customization, you can always find 1-2% dissatisfaction for the fussy, but we promise that customers are not satisfied with the product 100% refund.

Please see the rendering of the 19.68ft advertising blimp

Rendering of 19.68ft outdoor advertising blimp

Please see the finished photo of the 19.68ft advertising blimp

Finished photo of 19.68ft outdoor advertising blimp

We welcome everyone to comment on our products to help Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon brand do a better job!

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