Giant helium advertising balloon installation operation and advertising banner installation demonstration

Please read the following carefully before operation to avoid accidents.

1. Giant helium advertising balloons are one of the most effective ways to promote your information/products as advertising media.

2. Once you inflate with helium or hydrogen, the balloon will float in the air. Helium is an inert gas that is chemically stable and does not burn or support combustion. So it is a reliable filling gas. caveat! ! Hydrogen is a highly dangerous flammable gas that can explode under the action of open flames and static electricity. It is strictly forbidden to use.

3. Find a clean and tidy space, open position to set the balloon, as wind changes often occur. As a guide, there should be no structures such as buildings, fake sheds, electric towers, tall trees, etc. within the balloon and tether, and other unwise accidents may occur.

4. After the balloon is full of helium, fold the duct at least twice and knot it, otherwise the gas will escape. (See Figure 2.)

5. Do not top up the gas. In general, when the surface of the balloon is round, just blow a little more gas inside.

6. Experienced people should be responsible for the operation. When the balloon needs to be refilled, pull it back to the ground and inflate it. If a leak occurs, check the seam around the valve, the loop, and repair if necessary with a repair kit.

7. After flying for many days, depending on the weather, you must add helium. To do this, use a valve located near the sleeve.( see picture 1.)

8. If there is strong wind, heavy rain or thunderstorm, we recommend that you take back the balloon and store it safely until the flight conditions are good.

9. The banner is optional. Made of three strands of nylon mesh. The standard sizes are: 3’x12′, 3’x18’&3’x24′, however, larger sizes can be customized, but balloons of size ≥3m are required to fly.

10. Set the banner and knotting method. (See Figure 3. 4.)

11. The banner will be HD digital printed , or the logo text will be PVC sheets and stitched onto the web. (See Figure 5.)

12. Re-aeration amount. If it is below 565 cubic feet. The balloon won’t raise the banner.

13. The standard length of the banner main rope is 50 yards x 8 mm diameter, but it should be adjusted according to your requirements.

If you have any difficulties or question, please feel free to contact us!!

Advertising Balloon Illustration and Banner Installation

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