Giant Helium Advertising Balloons & Giant Helium Advertising Blimps Material Physical Indicators and Brief Demonstration

The giant helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps are made of special high-quality PVC film or environmentally friendly TPU film, which are widely used in advertising, promotional activities, exhibitions, festivals and decorations, and even military and medical.

First, the characteristics of advertising balloon film materials:
1. It has a long service life and can be used repeatedly, and the air permeability is small;
2. In high temperature weather conditions, the light resistance is not easily deformed, and it is not easy to be brittle in a low temperature environment;
3. Bright color, novel style, variety, complete specifications;

Second, high quality PVC film material physical and mechanical performance indicators:
Tensile strength (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 17NPg
Elongation at break (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 250%
Low temperature elongation (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 25%
Right angle tear strength (vertical and horizontal) ≥ 45KN/M
Heating loss rate (vertical and horizontal) ≤ 5%
Longitudinal dimensional shrinkage in boiling water ≤ 6%

Third, the operation method of giant helium advertising balloons and airships:
1. Appropriate weather conditions for charging and disarming advertising balloons and advertising airships are most suitable for winds ≤ 4, wind speeds 5.5-7.9 m/s, 20-28 km/h, and should choose empty sites or obstacles. Less space to avoid damage to balloons and airships during use.

2. Before the balloon is inflated, clean the site first, lay a cloth on the ground, lightly spread the advertising balloon on the cloth or lift it off the ground. (The best is to charge and discharge by professional staff.) Before the balloon is inflated, tie the rope of the balloon to the weight or the ground fixing point (there are 8 ropes on the sphere that must be evenly stressed). After the balloon is full of helium, the professional must tighten and bend the inflatable air duct at the bottom of the balloon, then wrap it with professional adhesive tape, and finally place the air duct in the bottom cover of the ball.

3, the operation should be careful, the balloon material is soft and light, needs to be prevented from hard objects or fingernails scratching which will break the ball skin.

Helium Advertising Balloon Filling Helium Operation Diagram

Operational Sketch of Gaint Helium Advertising Balloons

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