Giant Inflatable Sunflowers

The giant inflatable “sunflower” is a decorative inflatables, which is one of the inflatable flowers. It is made of high-strength composite nylon fabric. We can see that the inflatable form is exaggerated and the shape is realistic. It is very suitable for Festivals / Large-scale Performances / Flower Parades / Shows / Party / Bar Decorations. It can bring huge traffic to the event, and at the same time, it has a very good decorative effect. (see photos)

4m Diam Giant Inflatable Sunflowers

At 2018 Singapore Garden Festival, Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon was fortunate to provide a giant inflatable sunflower with a diameter of 4m for this event. This giant decorative inflatable in the sunflower flower exhibition area will give the exhibition a finishing touch!

Selection of inflatable sunflower fabrics and determination of the scheme

Inflatable sunflower may be just a huge balloon in the eyes of many people. Many people know very little about decorative inflatables, especially inflatable flower products. They can only know about online or TV media, and have a chance to have a chance at a large event. Seeing that at the event site is only a distant view, it is difficult to understand how they are made, what materials are used, how the various beautiful patterns on the balloons are drawn, and so on.

Decorative inflatable products are all customized. Most customers don’t understand about inflatable products. Before placing an order, the customer will tell you the simple idea, what kind of shape you need to make, and hope to achieve the expected effect. The second communication can understand the exact idea of ​​the customer, as well as the demand for the product and the use of the product. For example, the size of the customer’s event site determines the size of the customized inflatable product; whether the event venue can provide 24 hours of power supply; customized Whether the inflatable product is used for lifting or landing or hanging decoration; whether the customer can provide the most basic AI or PDF trademark and printed documents and other details. In short, the more detailed it is, it is very helpful for us to give advice and design.

a.) Lift-up use – we recommend high-quality PVC fabrics of 0.18mm thickness or environmentally-friendly TPU fabrics, both of which have good air tightness;

b.) Floor use – We recommend high-strength composite nylon fabric, high-strength PVC tarpaulin fabric or thicker high-quality PVC fabric;

c.) Hanging use – we recommend high-strength composite nylon fabrics and high-quality PVC fabrics;

d.) Use in water – We recommend high-strength airtight PVC tarpaulin fabric, thick high-quality PVC fabric or environmentally friendly TPU fabric;

The whole Singapore Gardening Exhibition lasts for 10 days. The venue can provide 24 hours of power supply, which is an excellent solution to the problem of gas charging. Therefore, we recommend high-strength composite nylon fabric to produce this giant inflatable sunflower, with 380W built-in blower for 24 hours. Continuous inflation, this solution can be easily used after being plugged into the blower power supply, so that customers can be very worry-free in product use and maintenance.

At the beginning of the program, the client proposed whether it could be designed as an inflatable sunflower with a flower pot structure or better advice! We consider that the inflatable sunflower with flower pot structure is difficult to support the weight of the giant sunflower itself, and other minor factors, we do not recommend it. After consultation, the display frame is designed into a metal structure (the bottom of the display frame is designed as a flower pot), and the inflatable structure of the sunflower is installed on the display frame. The sunflower body is designed as a double-sided structure, and the same effect can be achieved from both the front and the back. This proposal has made Singapore customers very satisfied and quickly adopted, perhaps in line with the customer’s vision! At the same time, in order to save costs for customers, we design and produce inflatable sunflower spheres. The customers customize the metal structure display stand and base in the local area, and both sides ensure that the inflatable sunflower can be used at the gardening exhibition as scheduled. (see photos)

Installation Requirements of Inflatable Sunflower

Inflatable sunflower design and production process

After the plan is determined, it is to start designing and production as soon as possible. When the customer finally determines, the time left for us is very tight. If the delivery time is delayed, even if the product is produced, it is a pile of garbage for the customer.

The 1 step of the project: the team will confirm the shape and metal display rack of the inflatable sunflower in the form of manuscript;

The 2 step of the project: the designer designs the sunflower into 12 inflatable petals in the 3D software, and it is a double-sided structure (the same shape and pattern on both the front and the back), which can well solve the viewing in different positions. Achieve the desired results without the back; (see photos)

Reference Photo of the Sunflower

Computer 3D Model of Inflatable Sunflower

The 3 step of the project: the processing of the subsequent design process is to color and open the inflatable sunflower;

The 4 step of the project: the sunflower slices after the opening of the plate is finished by high-precision digital printing;

The 5 step of the project: cutting each piece by laser cutting machine;

The 6 step of the project: each piece is stitched and stitched by a senior sewing master;

The 7 step of the project: the test of the inflated sunflower product, the finished product needs to pass a number of tests of 12-24 hours to pass the test;

The 8 step of the project: Photographed and sent to the customer for confirmation; (see photos)

Inflatable Sunflower Production Process

The 9 step of the project: choose the most suitable transportation method for customers by sea, air and express;

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact us at Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon!

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