Inflatable Brand Race Arches for Provincial Mountain Bike Tours – in Seville, Spain

Inflatable brand race arches for track start and finish lines

Since 2015, we have provided inflatable brand race arches for the provincial mountain bike tour in Seville, Spain for many consecutive years. According to the requirements of the event venue and the organizers, the size of these customized inflatable race arches is 26.2’x16.4’, they are mainly used at the start and finish lines of tours, and as road signs to guide competitors on the track.

Due to the long time span of the Seville Provincial Mountain Bike Tour, which lasts from November to the end of February of the next year, this is a major test for the custom inflatable arches, and we choose special waterproof, flame-retardant fabrics to produce these inflatable race arches. Of course, the fabric is lightweight and easy to install and remove, it is more convenient for the organizer to move the inflatable arch from one city to another.

Inflatable Sports Arch for Spanish Provincial Mountain Bike Tour

The Seville Provincial Mountain Bike Tour is a major annual event in Spain, so there will be many sponsors and news media to participate, in the race you can see the custom inflatable arches with the sponsor’s LOGO and promotional slogans, when the contestants collectively stand at the starting line, and when they pass the road signs or the finish line, these inflatable brand race arches are like F1 racing cars plastered with brand advertisements, stand out under the media flash and in the promotion of video media, and your brand will immediately be the center of attention for the campaign.

The custom inflatable race arches is one of our most classic products, have you been excited as a brand sponsor? This is the perfect time to show up. Are you ready for your next event? Please feel free to contact us – Suzhou Everrich Art-Balloon.

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