What is the difference between a giant helium advertising balloon and a ordinary latex balloon or an mylar balloon

Many people search for “Giant helium advertising balloons” from Google search engine or Yahoo search engine. Sometimes even some latex balloons and mylar balloons will be recommended and introduced on the website.

Many people may not understand the difference between a giant helium advertising balloon and a ordinary helium advertising balloon (a latex balloon and an mylar or aluminum balloon). Although they all belong to balloons, they are all suffocating and can be used as advertising. However, we have advertised latex balloons and mylar balloon balloons from the industry point of view, and divided them into ordinary helium advertising balloons. There are still some differences between them, especially the differences in materials, sizes, production processes, and Their different uses: (See photos)

Ordinary Helium Advertising Balloon (latex balloon and aluminum balloon for parties)

a) Material distinction: Ordinary helium advertising balloons are generally made of latex or mylar film materials. The giant helium advertising balloons are usually produced with high-quality PVC film or environmentally-friendly TPU film, and even special composite film;

b) The difference in size: The size of the helium advertising balloon of latex material is generally divided into 5 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, etc. The size of the helium advertising balloon of aluminum film material is generally 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, etc. It is known that the maximum size of these two balloons is no more than 2m. The minimum size of the giant PVC helium advertising balloon is from Φ1.8m, 2m, 3m to 5m, 10m or even larger;

c) Different production methods: Ordinary helium advertising balloons (latex balloons and mylar balloon) are usually produced in a streamlined manner. The pipeline method can only produce circular, elongated, heart-shaped or less complex shapes with relatively simple shapes. balloon. The giant helium advertising balloon is customized and can be customized according to the different needs of customers. It can cover almost all the shapes you can think of. Some artists engage in special artistic creations even with giant inflatable balloons, and artists even call them “art balloons.”

Giant helium advertising balloons and common helium advertising balloons (latex balloons and mylar balloon) also have something in common? Giant helium advertising balloons and latex balloons, aluminum balloon balloons can print a variety of beautiful patterns and trademarks on the sphere. Can be applied to some festive occasions such as holiday parties. Perhaps the birth of latex balloons and aluminum balloon is more mainly for civilian use, for parties and children’s entertainment; and the giant helium advertising balloon may be more commercial, and was born for advertising commercial promotion! it is scope of application is also more widely.(See photos)

Giant Helium Advertising Balloon is Suitable for Commercial Used

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